The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Note to Americans - you may be seeing some mentions of the Stardust Nightclub over the last few days (and possibly for another few to come). If you're confused, read on, if not then theres nothing new here for you.
The Stardust nightclub was a venue owned by a miserable tight sod who was so terrified of people sneaking in via emergency exits and not paying the cover fee that he had the emergency fire exits chained and padlocked shut. Needless to say a fire broke out one night when the place was packed and forty eight people died as a result. Now, one would assume that for chaining shut the fire exits the owner would be getting his experience and colon expanded in a jail cell for quite some time but unfortunately a functionally retarded judiciary is not the sole domain of your Florida. The upshot is that he not only got away with it but was compensated by the insurance company. Christy Moore now enters the story. He is a singer/songwriter who I honestly can't abide but has an undeniably amazing talent and energy and ability to perfom evocative songs that'd have a perfectly sober fella hugging the bloke next to him and calling him "brother" or could just as easily sing a ditty that'd have Ghandi taking a swing at the bloke next to him. Christy wrote a song about the events that night, I'm guessing he was a bit unimpressed by the result of the court case. Get this though, the owner, whose actions caused the deaths of forty eight people, sued Christy to get him to stop performing the song.
Thats right, the only person in the entire debacle to have a successful case brought against him was Singer/Songwriter Christy Moore who did not chain and padlock the fire exits.
The story took a new twist yesterday when the owner who chained and padlocked the fire exits causing the death of forty eight people decided that he either (depending on which piece of crap newspaper with lazy useless reporters you believe) wanted to apply for planning permission to re-open a new club on the sight OR wanted to *open* his newly built nightclub on the site of the old one.
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