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Some material regarding last week's topic of Stringfellows. I have more but some licensing issues prevent me from reproducing them here so I'm looking elsewhere.

First off, some statistics dragged up from various papers and studies, none of which actually include any kind of link to their source or give any real hint as to where to find the damned thing so take these however you like.

From 1984 to 1989, more than 100 sexually oriented businesses were closed in Oklahoma County, Okla. During that same period, reports of rape decreased 26 percent, even as the rape rate increased 20 percent in the rest of the state.
In Cincinnati, major crimes such as rape and robbery dropped 83 percent in areas where illegal sex shops were shut down (Wombat Note: I honest to God don't get how robbery would decrease when a sex shop shut down...)
The number of sex crimes in Phoenix more than doubled in areas with sexually oriented businesses.
The Michigan State Police studied 38,000 sexual assault cases, and found that pornography was used in connection with rape in 41 percent of the cases. (Wombat Note: There's no explanation of what "used in connection" entails, though with a percentage as high as 41% I'd ASSUME it means the perpetrator was a habitual user)


The first two were the most interesting to me

P26, 37 and 54 onwards have the most relevance here. Its a study done for the Glasgow city council on the impact of the clubs and their behaviour. It focuses heavily on Spearming Rhino, a club like Stringfellows, or that at least makes the same claims regarding the safety and integrity of their club.
Its a long paper, so I'll sum up the main points I took from it - The majority of (an admittedly small) a sample group of dancers in even the most "upmarket" clubs had to deal with horrible behaviour from the customers and the women who worked/lived neaby were scared and intimidated by its very presence, never mind the behaviour of the patrons. The dancers themselves are often lied to regarding the doors that stripping opens, or are coerced into getting plastic surgery and made to feel like crap if even the smallest bit of cellulite is showing.

This one deals very much in American clubs but is quite indicative of the *attitude* towards strippers, if not the behaviour towards them. In a break from the norm, this one contains some statistics.
This one focuses almost entirely on the dancers' experiences and once again is a relatively small sample group but gives some sort of idea of the caliber of the customers.

Anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies

A page devoted to former dancers and their experience. They have a tendency to thank Jesus for giving them the strength to get out of there but I'd like to think that their beliefs don't invalidate their message.

A few statistics, not a great bibliography to it, so they're hard to verify.

Since I mentioned her before - Annabel Chong

The next few aren't *directly* related but cover the same theme of the cause/effect of violence.
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

Some links regarding the international treatment and/or trafficing of women. Not directly linked to the discussion but they're good resources in general.

Random links

Believe the statistics/stories or don't. I don't give a crap either way.

Edited to correct a few spelling mistakes and missing words. Stupid brain.

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