The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Today I am mostly grouchy and irritable, the weekend shot past with no noticable signs of its passing except for a brief memory of a movie on sunday evening. I have no idea WHY I didn't notice the weekend go past since I did loads of stuff. Wierd.

Asides from anything else, friday held more confirmations about my underpaidness, agravation and annoyance (probably largely because of said revelations). I'm out in the wilds of county dublin at the moment in the datacenter again and lord only knows when I finish tonight (never mind tomorrow given the deadline is tomorrow evening) with nary a mention of MY plans. Still, par for the course in the irish IT sector I guess - I just wish I'd managed to get some of the benefits of the boom years that practically everyone else on planet earth seemed to enjoy.

Of course, it is now may, and right on cue (almost exactly three months) I'm in a mood again about my job. I suspect it's hormonal but whatever it is, it's damned wierd - every three months I'm on a serious downer for a week or so.


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