The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I'm not sure how many levels this story annoys me on.

Heres the breakdown - because of a loophole in the law regarding the sale of magic mushrooms (they can't be sold processed but raw seems to be okay, something along those lines) there are a good many stores around the country selling them. Something I was not bloody well aware of I might add. Some bloke bought some, took them and then threw himself off a balcony... allegedly. The family claim that the mushrooms were a factor in his death but theres been no confirmation.

The government, having over the weekend, solved all the problems with the health service, transport infrastructure, massive divide between rich and poor, violence, immigration, racism and corruption decided to tackle the problem of a few stoners *allegedly* getting high HEAD ON. Because by God we can't have people getting a cheap natural high when there are plenty of government sanctioned, heavily processed, incredibly harmful substances available to kill you slowly and remove any ability or inclination you ever had to do something exceptional with your life. The upshot is, now y'all have to go back to drinking away your problems until you explode in a ball of sociopathic rage and beat the teeth out of the guy beside you with a pool que instead of sitting back on your sofa and watching the colours for six hours, thinking about the nature of existence. Thanks Government!
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