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I have a mad urge

To rock out.

Here's my current winamp playlist
They might be giants - Cyclops Rock
They might be giants - Man it's so loud in here
Queens of the Stone Age - First it Giveth
Ramstein - Das Model
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Bolero (great for network games, there's nothing like carnage to classy music)
Nine Inch Nails - We're in this together now
Dandy Warholes - Horse Pills

All of the above make me rock my head to and fro quite a lot, any suggestions for similar stuff? Maybe I'm more "bopping" than "rocking", someone should do something with science to find that kind of thing out, I figure it's got to be one or the other. Did I ever mention that I did physics in university? Yup - I'm actually intelligent, sadly not intelligent enough to realise BEFORE entering the course that "It's a load of wank" was a pretty good description of the whole damned thing. It taught me a valuable lesson though, something about not listening to anyone but my inner voices when it comes to serious stuff like that.
That said, I should have ignored them today before refering to a software vendor as "a bunch of trained fucking chimps" to our MD. (No fallout as such, I'm some sort of scruffy angry scamp in the office from what I can see)

Oh, and fellow dubliners, I have pretty much all of the series one of Invader Zim downloaded (of course, those of you who I know would be interested have broadband and would be quicker downloading them than waiting to get them from me) if yer interested. I'm going to try and be a little more social in the next while because since metalrabbit's departure into bunratty (they eat their young there) I've been gradually turning more and more into some sort of incoherent curmugeon - more incapable than usual of polite conversation with a swear to real word ratio of less than 1:2.

Finally, in the sure and certain knowledge that Iresprite is going to take note of my 1AM still-being-awake-time status thing like some sort of hairy transatlantic guardian angel I will simply say "I'm going to bed now"

But first - tell me how to cyclops rock?

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