The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I remember a time when we could tell the difference between a "gifted" child and an asshole child. It was easy - the gifted one read books and tended to get bored in class and the asshole one threw dogs through windows.
Then the parents of asshole children decided that their precious bundles weren't assholes (for this would reflect poorly upon their amazing parenting skills). No. The asshole kids were "gifted" too.
Then ADD was discovered and the parents of gifted kids and asshole kids decided to call it a day, declare all their kids to be assholes and blame it on a chemical imbalance (for this was out of their hands and did not reflect on their amazing parenting skills). I personally figure this happened around the time that we, as a civilisation, decided that social and scientific progress were wonderful things that someone else could look after as we settled down into the comfy sofa of complete and utter moral, intellectual and social corruption.

Then, this morning [1], the notion of the Indigo Child arrived on our shores but mercifully, no one paid it any heed because some theories are too damned stupid for even the most useless parent to adopt. At least not until you can get anti-indigo medication or extracurricular indigo school activities to keep them out of the damned house for as long as possible.

[1] Yes, I know its been around for ages, but it hit the Metro daily this morning.
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