The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I've been thinking about this whole election a lot lately, it seems quite inevitable that it'll happen next year around the time the SSIAs all start to mature and the money floods back into the "economy" but before the prices for everything increase dramatically and annoy everyone. Having watched all the parties for last year and given it careful consideration I had decided that in the absence of anything like a real opposition party that was capable of ceasing its hand wringing long enough to do something productive that I would vote for the status quo and abandon my soul. The problem with this country, as with most countries is that we don't even have the problem of choosing between the lesser of two losers - hell, you could toss a coin and the decision would be made for you. No, we have to pick between the gang that will screw us with gusto and the gang that will screw us with well meaning incompetence.

Its my own fault really, picking facist liberalism [1] as a political persuasion was always going to see my choices cut pretty thin. Anyway, long story short, since not one of those smarmy little smears saw fit to canvas me during the local elections (I was in a flat at the time) I'm going to destroy them all through careful application of volume, obscenity, nudity and meat.
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