The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Friday night was more fun than usual. After a couple of days of being a bit wheezy (and thinking I had a cold) I plain old wasn't able to breathe at all and at about 2AM went to st vincent's A&D department. They did a chest X ray, a regular blood sample, an arterial blood sample (which hurts so much you wouldn't believe), an EKG and tested my oxygen levels. They all came back clear so they kept me on an oxygen mask and a nebuliser for about five hours and let me home around half seven. Either I have a slight viral infection (which the antibiotics they gave me should clear up) or I've developed asmath at the age of twenty eight (which the inhaler should help with). Either is equally possible and I should know in a week - if I'm still wheezy then its asmath, if not then the virus has gone. Option three is that because I've been idle and recovering for about a month now I've suffered some slight lung collapse through not using them fully, which would be aggravated by the virus or asmath. Its all very annoying and complicated.
Still, back to work on monday

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