The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The insomnia isn't going away from the look of it.

Anyway, civil partnerships for gay couples are legal in the UK now and to mark the occasion, the brain trust of the homophobia squad was out in force to protest against the two lesbians tieing the knot with placards informing them that sodomy was a sin. I spent quite a bit of the morning staring at the newspaper and grinning like a loon at the news, and the associated news that our own government will be looking into the possibility of allowing it here. I also spent a bit of time wondering how the hell it could have happened (without realising that it was the Church of England that had more or less said "go for it" and not the catholic church, which makes it easier to believe).

Of course, there are many opinions being offered on this. From the dimbulbs who can't distinguish between a legal ceremony that alters the legal status of two people from a big old ceremony with priests and God and the equally dipshitty folks who seem to think that the church should somehow be obliged to offer the full on God deal to all and sundry. Days like this I just love watching the knuckle draggers wailing and gnashing their teeth while wondering how this could possibly have come to pass.

To them I say, let me explain sex and politics to you in a nutshell.

For all of the moral standing politicians may grandstand about, the day 51% of the general public is in favour of fucking in the streets, fucking in the streets will be made legal and financial incentives will be offered to early adopters of street fucking.

Now fear not, your Uncle Wombat hasn't gone and entirely filled himself with compassion for all mankind or anything, gay pride still pisses me off something terrible and to me this is more of a "Woop de fucking do - some people have been awarded the basic rights they should have had for decades" thing than "this is a momentous day for civil rights!". Remember that the next time some grassfucker deigns to bend over and say "Look how wonderful we are, we've done the decent thing after fifty years". Remember that when in a few years when pot is legalised and those same fuckbags yell down from the ivory tower "Love us, we've decided that you're easier to manage when you're stoned instead of drunk and cancerous!".

The story here is not "Yay! Gay civil unions!" its "About fucking time".

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