The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

reports of my death have been exaggerated.. blah blah

I'm home, and obviously enough I'm not going to be on the internet much for a while. The upshot is that I've got an appointment for the clinic next week to do something disturbing and memorable to ensure this never happens again and I've got all next week off to recover.
My week since last I posted goes like so:
Monday: Go to the doc, get the antibiotics and eye drops and a day or two off. He tells me to come back on thursday if it doesn't improve.
Tuesday: Eye is more swollen and sore, can't really wear my glasses.
Wednesday: Eye is almost closed with the swelling. I go back to the doc and he tells me to get my ass to A&E in the Eye and Ear hospital down the road. I do so and to cut a long story short, three hours later after some prodding I'm in a room on my own in isolation because they can't let a bloke with exploding septic eye syndrome in with sick people. As the day goes on it gets bigger and bigger until it looks like someone shoved a thumb into my tear ducts. Eventually it looks like a massive boil, zitty head and all. Loads of people visit and then go home. I sit back to watch a movie on TV, get told I'm fasting and getting "incised" thursday morning. An hour later, during a particularly scary bit of event horizon, I feel something tickling my cheek. Figuring it was more spooge just leaking down my face I went to the bathroom to wipe it off.
To my credit, I did not lose control of *any* bodily functions when I looked in a mirror and saw my face covered in spooge of varying colours (though obviously red, green and yellow were dominant themes). The nurses did the rather hideous job of cleaning it up, told me the operation was off (obviously) and I spent until this morning getting massive needles full of augmentin antiobiotic stuffed in my arms and my eyes being filled with drops and gunk.
So this morning I got released, got some sick certs, more drops and whatnot, end of story hopefully. I'll probably have more to say on the topic later on but my eyes get sore quick at the moment so I'm going to nap or wander around or something.

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