The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Continuing in the seemingly ongoing lifetime theme of "Glen takes a few days off and gets fucked in the ass" I took some time off around this weekend and got fucked in the ass.

After Ninja Rabbit's trip to the vet she's been making a good recovery, she was awake and murderous a couple of hours after getting home and more than eager to get back into the main cage with the other two. She couldn't be allowed do that of course, they'd play too rough and she'd bust her stitches so I had to leave her be. Imagine my surprise then when I took her out of the carrier she's been staying in since getting home last night to discover that she'd removed all her stitches and had a gaping FUCKING WOUND AN INCH AND A HALF LONG ALONG HER STOMACH.
Luckily Brid was there to keep me from going *utterly* spastic and to make the phone calls to the vet so she'd be seen as an emergency case. She's okay though, there was a layer of muscle and she'd not nibbled the stitches holding that closed so its nothing too threatening. They're keeping her in overnight, putting one of those collars on her to keep her from doing it again and she'll be back home tomorrow afternoon For now they've glued her shut. They reckon they'll be able to stitch her up under local anesthetic tomorrow. Judging from her performance when the vet tried putting on the collar this evening they're going to need a general anesthetic and an exorcist.

Between everything from the last couple of days, no Gaelcon for me, sitting at home with the curtains pulled and hiding from the outside world seems more likely until my nerves settle the hell down.
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