The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Continuing in the seemingly ongoing lifetime theme of "Glen takes a few days off and gets fucked in the ass" I took some time off around this weekend and got fucked in the ass.
As cartographer mentioned, the ESB decided to cut us off without warning on wednesday afternoon and slipped the standard, and decidedly unhelpful form through the letterbox to inform us of the bleeding obvious. Not being able to call them that night when she discovered it, we all spent the evening sitting around some candles, making Origami with Brid (who I honestly think kept us both sane) and passing the time in a fairly pleasant manner. Things got worse the next day though. As did my language.
Thursday morning saw me calling the billing office at ten to nine and I got through to a lovely old bitch who informed me that I couldn't get reconnected unless the bill was paid in full. "Fair enough" I thought, we've never gotten a bill here but it can't be that bad. I explained that we'd never gotten a bill, final demand, threatening letter or anything and she informed me that they were going to a different address under the landlord's name. I pointed out that they were bloody well able to get the meter reading requests to the right sodding address but they were unable to put a "pay or we cut you off" warning in at the same time? She persisted that regardless of any of these cock-ups, I had to pay the full bill before reconnection. I asked how much the bill was and was told 1069 euro.

I nearly pissed myself. I asked how long it had been since the bill had been paid and the answer was termed in years rather than months so I explained I was a new tennant and I'd only been here since june. Regardless, the ignorant old fuck replied, the full bill had to be paid. Figuring that this was more the landlord's problem than mine, I paid it and decided I wasn't going to be paying much rent this month. I asked how much of the bill was from June onwards and she said she couldn't tell me for confidentiality reasons. She WAS able to tell me whose name the bill was in, where it was going, the total amount, but NOT the amount since June. My mind boggled.

When I asked when I'd be reconnected, she said it would be in the next 48 hours - so tuesday morning at the latest. Oh and the bill was now in my name to this address.

Thursday passed quietly, I dropped Ninja off to the vet to get her neutered (she's fine now and recovering nicely) but there was no sign of the engineer. I called again to find out when he'd be over figuring that a time and date WOULD be handy compared to waiting in the house for a few days and was told to ring another number who, after 40 minutes on hold, informed me that it'd be today sometime, and I could get a specific time if I rang in the morning.

Surly, yet furious at the entire situation and the way we were being royally shafted because the previous tennants NEVER PAID A BILL, I went out to get some food, sandwich food since there was little point in getting anything that needed cooking or storing. I got back to the house, made most of the sandwich and when the packet of chicken proved too difficult to open I had a very rational reaction. I screamed, stabbed it with a knife, punched the sandwiches repeatedly, smashed two plates and kicked some chairs before calming down.
I decided that perhaps my sandwiches were salvagable but unfortunately somewhere in my rampage I had thrown the pickles across the room, so I got the jar from the cupboard, opened it, screamed and hurled it to the floor, smashed a couple of glasses, picked up the sandwiches and threw them at the ceiling. *Then* I calmed down. I'm not proud of this particular rampage, I'm not entirely happy that I did it or that I'm capable of it (though I still maintain I'd never hit a person in anger, just inanimate objects and only after the worst day of my life)

I picked Ninja up from the vet, paid the hundred quid for getting her neutered, went home and cleaned up. Later she bit me, and rightfully so because I'd stuffed her in a box, left her in a strange place where they knocked her out and cut her open.

The engineer reconnected us a few minutes ago. I'm not sure if its the entire system thats at fault or if its just that the people in the billing and networks departments are ignorant, useless dipshits but either way, I'm a grand lighter (with the landlord looking like being amicable about the whole thing), cold, and smelly.

Now I am going to have the longest, hottest shower of my life, turn on the heating and enjoy all that modern technology has to offer me.

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