The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


At 4PM today I go to the dentist to get a wisdom tooth out.


In other news however, I have downloaded a lot of stuff, some half life mods, some zim episodes (I now have everything off and some neverwinter nights hak files, enough hobby stuff to keep me going for a while anyway. I have some vague notion about combining some NWN hak files to make my own conversion to use on a lan from time to time (IE actually use NWN for the purpose it was intended and GM some time).

The last week was pretty hellish and I'm not getting much of a break at all, no time off because the fucking thing isn't done with yet because the test software wasn't up to the task (despite repeated pleas to development to tell me if bad stuff was happening no one thought to fill me in) and I have my sister's 21st to go to this weekend (though the whole tooth pulling thing might preclude me from it if it's particularly painful.

All I want right now is to sleep in until noon, read until around 2, get up, eat and then watch TV for the day on the sofa. Possibly letting some rabbits out to play around three.

Not going to happen, not this weekend and not next weekend because I have to go down then as well to see my uncles and aunts who are over from england.

Though the way things are going, it may all be academic because pain, birthdays, relatives or no, I could still end up in work.

Damn.... whiny post there...

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