The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Now heres a new one about the Scientologists - Silent births.

I was thinking about America on the walk into work this morning, and how we used to love it. America was like our drunken baby, stumbling around the place, making us laugh, making us smile, making us roll our eyes as it stuffed sandwiches of ignorance into the VCR of the middle east but there was still something sort of endearing about it. Then someone gave drunken baby a gun to play with and now we're all ducking behind the sofa or slowly approaching drunken baby to try and persuade it to drop the damned thing.
Honestly, listening to drunken baby carp on and on about how theres no objectivity in the media is getting a bit creepy, like the kid was dropped on the head and can't think so much as repeat the same phrases over and over.
I know many fine people live with drunken baby but it would seem like all attention is focused on it right now.

Edit: Oh yeah, I meant to say, I have an urge to print out this information and start putting it under the wipers of every god damned gas guzzling monstrosity driving around on our pathetic little infrastructure.

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