The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The company I work for is offering flu shots since there have been so many bugs going around lately (pretty much everyone here and everyone I know has been off for several days in the last couple of months because of them). I figured I'd like to know what was in the sodding thing before I let someone squirt something into my arm that had been tested on animals, tested on third world children, the usual (perhaps minimal) ethical concerns I try to apply to my decisions.
Can our HR person get the information? Can she hell, she's being fobbed off (and not happy about it). The company offering the innoculations hasn't even gone to the trouble of finding this information out and is claiming that in order to do so, requests would have to be made via the freedom of information act as the producing company does not make the information freely available because of the risk of terrorist acts by activists.

This to me says either
a) The company offering the innoculations is telling a porkie.
b) Holy crap does the vaccination producer ever go nuts with the unethical activities. They inject animals with the stuff and then stick the *animals* into third world children, before then shooting them. Because if they were innocent of that crap they'd be singing it from the rooftops.
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