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Because I am generally awesome, I've been asked for some of my recipes a few times. I'll post them as they occur to me (and as I can remember the recipes because some of them involve a sort of random process that is more akin to alchemy than proper cooking). I don't use proper measurements apart from the first time I cook something and even then anything other than "1 onion" or "1 tbsp" is a bit vague because I don't own a measuring jug or a weighing scales.

The Primer:
Some ingredients are harder to find than others, they're all available in the veg store beside me but thats no use to folks on the far side of the city.
Sesame oil and sunflour oil are close enough that you can swap them around.
Rice Wine - I'm not clear on whether I have rice wine or rice wine vinegar, I doubt it matters since the stuff smells undrinkable either way. You might be able to get away with white wine vinegar but I've never tried it
Curry paste: Some variety of pataks mild curry paste is perfectly good.
The rest should be easy enough.

The pancakes
Some plain flour, about a cereal bowl's worth.
Two tablespoons of sesame oil (the type of oil is more important than you'd think)
Some boiling water, in quantities we'll get to in a minute.

1) Sift the flour into a mixing bowl, then using a spoon spread it out so it looks like a crater (fancier chefs call this "making a well" but its a crater, not a well.
2) Put the oil in the well.
3) Throw in about a cupful of boiling water and mix it all together, keep adding small amounts of water and mixing until the its all roughly like off white play-do.
4) Wrap the whole thing in cling film, or tinfoil or something and stick it somewhere cold for half an hour.

In the meantime, you can do the stuffing! For this you'll need:
Three slices of bacon (technically you should use chinese pork but bacon works surprisingly well. Maple smoked is nice.
Some cabbage - whatever you can pile into your cupped hands
The white bit of a large leek
An onion
Two or three spring onions/scallions
Spices and sauces (Hoi Sin sauce (about 1 1/2 tbsp), Soy Sauce (2 teaspoons), Rice Wine (two tablespoons), curry paste (a heaped teaspoon))
Sesame oil (again), two tablespoons.

Chop everything as fine as you possibly can, with a knife, don't use a blender, they're crap for this.
Chuck the bacon in the pan and fry for a minute until its cooked (but not crispy)
Add all the spices and sauces EXCEPT for the hoi sin sauce.
Stir it in so it sticks to the meat.
Add in all the vegetables.
Cook it for about five minutes so that all the meat juices and sauces are cooked into the veg.
Mix in the hoi sin sauce, cook for another minute.

Now, back to the pancakes. You need a really good non-stick pan for this one.

Take the dough and break it up into chunks a little smaller than a ping pong ball and on a chopping board coated in flour (because this stuff is sticky) flatten it out as thin as you can without tearing it. Brush the resulting pancake with oil on one side (oil brush things can be gotten in spar, they're no longer fancy) and put it on a hot, entirely dry, non-stick frying pan. Cook both sides until they're starting to brown a little bit in patches. Repeat for all pancakes.

Then take the stuffing, take a pancake and eat it like a tiny tiny fajita... fahijta... fahita..

Next: Breakfast pancakes and the "Oh crap, I forgot to mention this" reference to the above.


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