The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

A hypothetical scenario

Mr Green: "Hello, I am a mass murderer, I have killed a great many people over the years, let me be in the government or I will kill more people"
Mr Blue: "No way, you've killed hundreds - including many perfectly innocent people, women, children"
Mr Green: "Ah yeah, sorry about that, in a general, non specific manner"
Mr Blue: "Well, the first step is admitting you made a mistake, I guess thats okay but you can't make laws"
Mr Green: "But I threw away all my knives that can be bought at any homeware store! and by the way, I now have the moral high ground now because you spied on me!"
Mr Blue: "Oh, ok then, make some laws"
Mr Orange: "I too am a murderous egomaniac and I demand that Mr Green not be allowed to make laws"
Mr Blue: "Shush, you can make laws too - Mr Green, what laws would you like first?"
Mr Green: "Well, my first law is that all the mass murderers I like be released"
Mr Blue: "and you Mr Orange?"
Mr Orange: "My first law is that Mr Green not be allowed to make laws"
Mr Blue: "..."

Apologies for any slight inaccuracies, I have trouble differentiating a bunch of frothing murderous zealots from their equally frothing and murderous "military" counterparts.

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