The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Mr Wombat reviews:

Land of the dead is pretty decent. John Romero made a good zombie movie, put the script on the table and then some producer gimp said "Nice movie John, but I think it needs more tits, explosions, obnoxiously loud gunfire and closeups of flesh being torn apart". The hero is convincing enough as someone who doesn't want to be doing what he's doing but he spent years in the same position when he played that lawyer who was convicted of a DUI and had to do community service in the shape of that public defence thing... whatever that was called. Theres a good movie in there but you have to look a bit and not be one of the cretins who were laughing at innocent people being torn asunder.

Firefly was a well written, pretty clever piece of television that did something sci-fi will rarely do and thats to keep me on the edge of my seat. Lost has sort of taken its place in my hierarchy of obsessions but it remains very close to my heart as one of those rare enjoyable shows. I saw the new poster in the cinema this evening and I was a little worried that it might indicate a bit of a change in direction from the relatively slow paced show. It pissed me off a bit.

This is the poster in the lobby

This is the poster I saw.

Subtle I know.. Alan Tudyk gets second billing and doesn't even appear in the poster, know why? His character has neither breasts nor a gun. This does not say to me "we feel our movie can pull in the audiences on the merit of an excellent TV show" so much as "we need to pander to losers who haven't seen a breast since they were suckling on one".

The blood hound gang, like many of the artists I like seem to be doing the "growing up" thing. The lyrics are as crass as they ever were but they sound a *lot* more polished and professional than previous albums. I like it, hardcore fans will probably hate it, but hardcore fans are wankers.

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