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Technical genius that I am, I figured out what was screwing up Jedi Knight 2 last night (at around midnight unfortunately). It seems that somewhere along the line it decided that rather than use the lan it was going to use a dialup connection. Fixed that and got my ass soundly sliced from me - lightsaber style-e. It seems that calculated moves and swings are no match for Greg's patented "flail and spin in no particular direction like a bloody dervish" technique.

So, tonight I install some models I've downloaded and a mod to allow dual lightsabers (darth maul style), twin lightsabres (one in each hand) and switch on the whole dismemberment thing (which, gross as it sounds, is merely quite cool, no nastier then luke getting his hand chopped off anyway. Then it's a Darth Maul VS Yoda smackdown - or indeed slicedown as the case may be.

Many thanks to puritybrown for her response to yesterday's post. The ranger thing in particular was a good idea. I'm not even certain I'd be having an "outside london" technically and I'm still not certain where paladins fit in unless I make them distinctly less traditional. Still, more as it occurs to me.

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