The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


I stun myself sometimes. It looks like at some point in the not too distant past I took it upon myself to go and delete almost all the illustrations for equipment I'd done for Unholy Wars. I have backups online but they're not the highest quality. I wonder what possessed me to do that, I suspect I was drunk.

Some of you might remember from a while back when I quit my last job the whole mess with my shares and how they'd managed to plummet in value over the course of a month. It turns out I didn't have it quite so bad as the folks who were made redundant there recently. Many of them had several thousand shares (as opposed to my 500) which they had negotiated in the past in lieu of pay increases and presumably figured that at the worst they'd get two quid per share, which would knock a good chunk off the mortgage or whatnot - a rainy day fund as it were. Well the shitbags that run that place decided to pull a new policy out of their ass which goes along the lines of "We pay you one euro per share to a maximum of 500 euro in total regardless of the actual value of your share total". Nice eh? I know I don't work there any more but some people I actually liked just got royally fucked.
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