The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

  1. 3d studio:
    This is the first proper 3D package I worked with after getting back into that whole area on a hobby basis. I used to use LightWave back in 1998 or so and its where I cut my teeth - I was reasonably good at it and truth be told if I could find the old version I used to use I'd be a happy man. 3D Studio is similar, far more powerful and feature packed but a damned sight more unfriendly. More to the point it costs something like five thousand dollars (at least) and I'll be damned if I'm paying that.
  2. art:
    See "Digital Art"
  3. computer games:
    I like these, I don't play them as much as I used to because I've finally reached the point where playing games in the evening after houts staring at a PC in work just isn't as appealing as it used to be. That said I get plenty of use out of my XBox and PSP. I think the other reason for my diminishing interest in PC games is the fact that there hasn't been anything worthwhile out in a long time. Half Life 2 was good and all but since Baldur's Gate 2 theres been nothing to grab my attention and hold it in the same way and I'm past spending days of my life on something thats a distant second best.
  4. d20:
    See "Role Playing Games"
  5. digital art:
    This one has been one of those rare things that has held my interest for a year at this stage. I do some illustration for a fanzine and the game I'm trying to write (see "Unholy Wars"). I've been learning loads about 3D artwork, photoshop, photography, texturing and all that jazz. I have a horrible tendency to be very pleased with the stuff I do and then horrified by how crap it is a few minutes later.
  6. games:
    Apart from Role Playing Games and computer games I have a certain fondness for decent board, miniature and card games. I've played Magic and thought it was okay, the same goes for HeroClix and Warhammer but generally I like non collectible things like Munchkin, Battletech and the Lord of the Rings battle thingy thats a bit like Risk.
  7. horror:
    I used to like all things horror related but now its pretty much just movies, and generally just the ones that don't try to be clever because at least then they're not letting me down by being the same tired, idiotic crap as always. Zombie movies are a personal favourite and anything that leaves off revealing the monster until at least the last half hour will generally keep me happy. Movies that explain exactly what the monster is in the first five minutes just p1ss me off. As regards books, I still like HP Lovecraft's stuff despite all the flaws and Stephen King's short stories can still give me a buzz but thats about all.
  8. pc:
    I am interested in my PC. My current one is less interesting since it has fewer inexplicable problems than the old one (like shutting itself down ten minutes after I turned it on for the first time that day and working fine for hours afterwards) but I like it all the more for that. I may be on a console games kick at the moment but I'll never be without a PC, I can't imagine trying to do any of the things I like without it.
  9. rabbits:
    I have three interesting rabbits. Friend, Foe and Ninja. Friend and Foe were bought a couple of years back and were joined by Ninja early this year. Friend and Foe were "dwarf" rabbits according to the dodgy petshop I bought them in (as dodgy as it was, they're both very healthy little dudes). These "dwarf" rabbits are now the size of a small dog. Ninja is a black, lop-eared rabbit who is currently in need of "fixing" so she stops having weekly phantom pregnancies. People are generally surprised to learn that a bloke with my general size, shape and appearance (as well as level of hairyness) keeps rabbits. I'm not one of those freaks that thinks their pets are their children but I'm very fond of the little guys.
  10. role playing games:
    My interest in these has diminished along with my interest in other people unfortunately. I still play regularly enough but I've prioritised other things above this. I am a lazy gamer, I'd probably play a lot more of everything if someone else organised it.

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