The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Either I've been spoiled by the relative silence on my bus into work for the past few months or this morning's group of young ladies heading to school were particularly fond of the word "Like", which they proceeded to mutilate with a gusto normally reserved for movie serial killers. After "No sir, the £120 rate does not include breakfast" I want to add "And loike, I said to him loike" to the list of sentences I never want to hear again.

I frequently see "debates" on the internet about the idea of licensing people to have a child based on their ability to care for it and I think this is an idea I'd like to apply to speaking. I'm not sure how we could do this but maybe a system like the penalty points one for driving could work - caught using a big word incorrectly in an attempt to look clever: 4 points. Making words up: instant dismissal. Saying "and like I said to him like" - shooting in the face. This is me blowing off steam, normal groovy, laid back attitudes towards comminucation will be restored in a few minutes.

Anyway, Yarrrr...

Lumines for the PSP is an exceptionally addictive game, my lunchtime was more or less swallowed by it and I suspect that a good portion of my free time is destined to be occupied in the exercise of arranging multicoloured blocks that emit pulses and chimes in a hypnotic manner as I get closer to my goal especially now that I've finished the shockingly disappointing fable. You'd think by now that I'd know better than to believe anything they say when they describe their games but their words have power. A power that can turn a tedious Zelda 64 clone into something that is amazing and beautiful until you take a step back. Like a poo under a microscope.

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