The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

All is well

Well, it seems that the cockups didn't end with all the nonsense that went on over the weekend - When I booked the place a few weeks back my credit card wasn't behaving itself as a result of a perfectly normal set of transactions (which I had made several times in the past) setting off the warnings on the Bank of Ireland credit card department - they never thought to contact me about this and left me in the embarassing situation of the damned thing being declined while I was out to dinner (but thats a whole other story and little to do with this). I ended up having to use cartographer's one to make the initial booking and when Moron Manager decided we were a no show he naturally charged the entire amount to her card (again, leaving aside the terms and conditions that stated "the first night's fee will be charged in the case of a no show"). Thus, I essentially paid twice for accomodation I didn't get to use.

Still, all is well now, a sizable wad of cash has been refunded to both cards and the upshot does seem to be that not only did we get a full refund on both charges but also about 150 quid in "oops" money between the two of them. So I suppose I have to take back one thing I said about that place - they're not a bunch of scammers (it would seem) but the place is still an expensive shithole owned by the kind of jackass you have to chase for two days to get him to explain the mistake.

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