The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I never would have realised...

The american right has come up with the shortlist of excuses for the government's abysmal failure to deal with the New Orleans tragedy. These are paraphrases rather than quotes since the exact wording varies from place to place.

First off, some light humour - because its okay to have a laugh at the expense of thousands of dead or dying when you're on the right. "People are saying this disaster is Bush's fault, cos he obviously sunk New Orleans below sea level, haw haw" Feel free to mix in some reference to "the weight of the popular vote" if you feel the need.

Luckily though, thats only a joke because the actual blame lies with the city and state authorities. Not FEMA (who apparantly didn't even know about the thousands of people in the superdome who were without food and water). Not Bush and Rice (who were off doing some country singing and shoe shopping at the time). See, it seems that the city and state authorities didn't do their job to co-ordinate a proper mass evacuation and organise the immense relief effort at a couple of days' notice.

Then its the media's fault! - "that gosh durned liberal media (the one thats so fond of calling elections before the vote counting is done) isn't reporting on the positive side of the disaster!" Let that be a lesson to you media! report on the few people being evacuated instead of the babies being gnawed on by rats and the masses of corpses piled in corners.

Last but not least though is the real winner, the people who are most essentially at fault for the thousands of dead and dieing - the victims themselves! You see if they hadn't chosen to live in New Orleans (and by "chosen" we can include "were born there") and spend all their money on stupid luxuries like food and clothes they would have been able to either afford a car. There wouldn't even BE a disaster if people didn't live in New Orleans. Stupid people.

I'm not trying to make light of the disaster here, just the human debris that actually come out with this nonsense.

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