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Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 02:32 pm

I like a balance in my music, which is why I have two highly credible Feeder CDs on my desk beside the goth kid favourites Good Charlotte and Sum 41. Maybe I should feel *some* guilt about contributing to the ongoing careers of the terminally short on talent but my sense of civic responsibility has diminished a bit lately. If nothing else they're handy for provoking music snobs or those people who equate quality with obscurity (this week's bugbear).

As cartographer mentioned, much more eloquently than I will, we were babysitting last night. I never thought of myself as parent material and still don't but I find the prospect of making a tiny sticky person into a grown up intrigues me. I suspect the temptation to turn any potential offspring into an army of anti-authoritarian would be too much to resist properly, as would any number of social experiements (turn one into a punk and another one into a raver to see what happens). In short, between that and the fact that I have a green tee shirt in the laundry basket with one white shoulder and arm, I think I might try and grow up a bit more and become less squeamish before I give it a go myself.