The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Truly comfortable pants that are exactly the shape you like are rare and beautiful things. In order to make sure this is no longer the case I'm going to be going back to that shop to buy another five pairs of them. Six pockets (two back, two front, two leg), each one with a zipper except for the back ones (so no more losing a fortune down the back of the sofa during my daily sprawl) and baggy at the ankles (I've got a fairly big build and broad shoulders, so narrow ankles on trousers tend to make me look a little unbalanced). Throw in plenty of crotch space and I believe I've found myself a winner in the pants league.

My weekend involved (in no particular order) a disgracefully early saturday to let the cable guys in (who later left with their screwdriver but without their ladder), sushi, an exhibit of japanese... stuff, tidying my room, shopping for the aforementioned pants, two Feeder CDs, three Bill Hicks CDs, the same sodding Slipknot videos on every music channel I looked at, saving the world from a variety of foes using the medium of X Box and a pizza. Consumer whore I may be, but it beats staring at the ceiling for six hours any day.

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