The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
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14.5 stone. I haven't been 14.5 stone since I was in secondary school. An odd side effect of this whole exercise and diet regime is that the slimmer I get, the hairier I get. Of course there's also the problem that my old XL clothing kinda hangs off me now.

Not a terribly exciting weekend, cartographer and I tried to have afternoon tea twice but both times it went slightly awry and saturday's attempt resulted in coffee and a spicy take away from the epicurian food hall and on sunday when we went to the Donnybrook Fair cafe and ended up having bangers and mash and coffee. Both were perfectly pleasant meals but didn't really fill the criteria for "afternoon tea". See, one of my stranger and more compelling habbits is that when I'm going through a particularly stressful time like recently (breaking up, changing jobs, moving house, approaching my birthday [1] and so on) I need to have tea, from a teapot, with milk in a jug and sugar in a bowl. I attribute my continuing lack of a criminal record for violent crime to this ritual that I have to perform sometime in the next week.
Asides from failed attempts to drink tea, I went to fibbers on saturday night and it was pretty much entirely crap (which is odd since last weekend was great) so I left half an hour before kicking out time and managed to get a cab 30 seconds later on O'Connell st - worth remembering for future reference since every time I left at kicking out time I was faced with an hour's walk before catching one.

I found this to be pretty cool, a photojournal of a family through the years.

[1] I'm 28 on the 31st of this month and every single year I always get extremely stroppy for the week beforehand as the birthday is an undeniable piece of evidence that I'm not getting any younger and I have yet to save the world, invent something amazing or write a NYT best seller. This year is particularly annoying since it means I can no longer refer to myself as being in my mid-20s.

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