The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Wombat the entrepeneur

I'm looking around for information at the moment and not having much luck. Specifically I'm looking for ballpark figures for small retail outlets in the dublin city centre (refuse collection, utility bills, rental and the like) as well as numbers for the wholesale prices of paperback books and any business plans that are even remotely pointed in the direction of running a business on enough profit to live without a second and third job.
I've looked at the usual sites like and the like but they're not really oriented towards the one man operation. I assume the business plans are the same regardless of the country you're in (more or less) but even then there's precious little on the topic that I can find.

Suggestions all you clever people?

As gothwalk correctly pointed out, this is probably an interesting route to financial and psychological suicide, so I know that already :)

In other news, nothing interesting is happening to me at all, outrage overload is at a minimum (as it only occurs these days when I read about that stuttering throwback we have as a taoiseach) and without metalrabbit around the place things have gotten real quiet and real boring real quick. She may be insane and occasionally scary, but I do miss her - though she IS back tonight for the weekend - Yay!

My model painting thing goes along at a moderate pace, I finished the first batch of goblins a couple of nights back, decorated their bases and varnished them, now I'm on to trying to do 16 of them at once. Next after that are the uruk hai models. I'd love to get my mitts on some of the D&D ones but that's proving difficult.

Work is quiet enough, Anarchy online is being reasonable amounts of fun and Chris, one of our gang members learned a valuable lesson about how you do not cover scratches in the paint layer of a CD with sellotape because the incredible rotation speeds of the thing are enough to remove the tape from the CD and strangle some vital piece of machinery.

Apparantly the sound of sellotape being thrashed around in a CD drive at thousands of revolutions per minute is enough to make you lose bladder control and make you do that white-knuckles-gripped-in-your-teeth-scream-of-realisation.

Christ, even thinking about it still makes me laugh.
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