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Apparantly I am not hip to the groove

cartographer has been telling me for weeks now that I should go to swing dance in the Vault bar down by connolly station on account of how I might meet someone and last night, faced with the alternative of an evening spent tidying my room, I decided to go along. Its not a bad setup - the music is appropriately upbeat and swinging, theres plenty of seating and floor space and you get cheap cocktails. Everyone there seems very friendly and happy and they have no problems striking up a conversation with a complete stranger.
On the other hand, the cocktails are seemingly composed mostly of lemon and lime cordials and my right hand is vibrating a bit today as a result. The friendly, happy thing might also be an obstacle if you're anything like me and hate groups of friendly happy people. If your first urge when someone touches you is to break their arm then equally, this isn't for you. Honestly, the whole experience sort of freaked me out. Maybe it IS a good way to meet members of the opposite sex but honestly, I'd rather leave the breathless, sweaty and exhausted portion of the evening until later.

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