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Well, we're moved. It was the hottest fortnight I can remember in a long time, I've never sweated so goddamned much in my life and I have muscles where I never thought it possible and they seem to have grown for the sole purpose of aching and causing me pains but it was all worth it to be able to stand out in the back garden looking up at the stars in the sure and certain knowledge that it'll be another year at least before I have to do that again. I can't complain too much though, I managed to squeeze in some work drinks on friday night and an ill advised, late night trip to fibbers on saturday at around 11pm where nonhae stood in a corner, industriously being scared of talking to people and wondering when exactly it was we reverted back to a mental age of 14 while gerrowadat and cartographer laughed at us. My ass was grabbed, mostly by the wrong people.

So now I just have to unpack and it looks like next weekend will be spent in cavan with my family instead of doing the things I want to (like staying in bed until four in the afternoon and going to a barbeque) as my parents were inconsiderate enough to get married 30 years ago sometime in the next couple of weeks - I'm really hoping it isn't this weekend since I could use a rest but thats not the way my cookie crumbles as a rule.

Ps, thanks to gothwalk, sabayone, nonhae, olethros, gerrowadat and anyone else who helped over the past week - much appreciated, you spared me many many more aches and pains.

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