The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


No fewer than three women checked me out on the walk into work this morning, or at least thats what my ego says they were doing. There was smiling and I know that this time it wasn't because my hair was standing up on one side and flat to my head on the other and there was no way they could see the hole in the ass of my pants.

Earlier today I found a photo of me from almost seven years ago that confirmed my suspicions that I've not actually changed in all that time except for the length of my hair and a change in my brand of cigarettes. I'm not sure whether this means I'm still youthful or if I was simply old before my time (For the curious, the picture is here, I'm the one on the left EDIT: I should point out that I don't generally grin like an idiot, its not an entirely good or representative photo). Its comforting to know that my recent paranoia about the distance between my eyebrows and my hairline is fairly unfounded. On the other hand, I'm still just as clueless now as I was then, its taken me three days to figure out that someone I was talking to on saturday night was throwing herself at me hard enough to hurt herself. Now I'm not in the mood for any of that at the moment anyway but jesus... it'd be nice to think I'd be observant enough to spot it if I *was* interested.

I can only imagine the dating thing is a goddamned nightmare - it certainly looks like it from what I saw over the weekend, I don't know how the hell you people do it. This isn't me feeling sorry for myself here, I've been out of that scene for so long that I've genuinely forgotten but it looks terrifying.
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