The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

A tale of two software packages

Wings3d and Amapi are 3D modelling packages. Wings3d is initially a bit unfriendly and scary but astonishingly powerful and feature packed and allows me to do exactly what I want once I dumped the manual and found a tutorial. As a general rule, any task in Wings takes three actions tops. Amapi looks lovely, it has loads of nice icons and buttons but after a couple of hours you're swearing profusely at the monitor and punching the keyboard, any task in Amapi takes three actions too, but those actions are "give it a try", "read the manual and kid yourself that whats in the manual applies to the program in any way and then give it another go" and finally, "close Amapi"

You can probably guess which one is free [1].

And yes evilrobotshane, this does indeed mean I've started work on those models, I should have a chunk of it done quite soon, probably a leg. I'm just putting together little embellishments for practice right now.

[1] Technically both were, Amapi came on a magazine coverdisk but the regular asking price is a few hundred euro.
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