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You gotta love...

The look on a manager's face when she picks up a Blood Hound Gang CD cover from the desk and gets a good look at the cover.

Another "Wierdo in the testing department" mark for me there.

I'm painting models at a damned impressive rate now. I just have to do the small details (bits of clothes, inking and such) on about 26 models (8 goblin archers, 8 goblin warriors and 10 Uruk Hai Warriors with swords). Then I have to do some mild converting on the Uruk Hai pikemen because their pikes are just too damned long and will only get broken, so I have to trim them down to look like spears.

So the list of stuff I should have done by the end of april (some chance) is as follows (some are middle earth, some aren't):

8 Goblin Archers
8 Goblin Spearmen
8 goblin Fighters
10 Uruk Hai Swordsmen
10 Uruk Hai Spearmen/Pikemen
4 Men of Gondor Swordsmen (these and the elves make nice royal guards)
4 High Elf Swordsmen
4 High Elf Archers
8 Rohan Swordsmen (all the rohan stuff make good town guard types)
8 Rohan Spearmen
8 Rohan Archers
10 Skeleton Fighters
3 Slaanesh Daemonettes (really cool evil looking models)
2 Plague Demons of Nurgle (like the daemonettes, make good generic demons)
2 dryads (more of a tree monster than nudie lady)
3 Dark Elf corsairs (two swords, dragonish skin cloaks, can't decide to paint them as D&D Dark elves with black skin or Warhammer ones with white)
3 Wild Men of dunland (generic brigands)
1 RingWraith (Would like more, I'd also love to get my mitts on some of the twilight ringwraiths for more standard looking ghosties)
1 Banshee (can also be a ghost)

I also have a load of stuff for PCs or named NPCs that are almost all lead that I paint in between sets of models, There's something like 90 minis in all that I have trimmed and cleaned for undercoating (which actually takes ages, sometimes as long as the painting itself). If anyone is over in my place I'll make sure to bore the crap out of you with them in future.

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