The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I didn't mention it before for fear of jinxing, but the new job is pretty good. I'm not doing anything shockingly interesting but I *am* doing it in a manner that causes far less stress and boredom than the "headless chicken" methodology of the old place. An odd side effect of this place (which is all ISO 9001 compliant) is that it seems to be getting me into the habbit of sorting out my life - I'm being (more) sensible with cash, my clothes are clean and I have socks when I need them, when I play World of Warcraft I finish all quests in an area before moving on to the next one instead of having a stack of nonsense I'll never finish.
Near the place is the most awesome sandwich shop ever, "the pig and heifer", which makes things involving pastrami, saurkraut (or however the hell its spelled, or indeed pronounced) and many types of sausage. They have one sandwich they call the "mile high club" - a club sandwich roll that is, no kidding, about six inches thick. It is a *brick* of food. The only downside to this whole deal is that I have a 15 minute walk in the mornings, which is more troublesome than it sounds - I am not a morning person as mentioned before, only one eye works before 10am and unless I get my coffee and something to eat I'm a zombie until noon. So couple those factors together and you arrive at a scenario where I'm walking at a fairly fast pace trying to balance a bacon sandwich, a large coffee and a cigarette without burning or scalding myself. Needless to say I do both all the time.

Its metalrabbit's final few days in cork before her move back to Carlow, much closer to Dublin and dropping the time required to make a visit by two hours each way. So with that in mind I'm off down there for the weekend, and needless to say irish rail have changed the timetable again to be as annoying as possible - merging the 6:30 and 7:30 into a single run at 7:00 must have seemed like a good idea to someone, and I bet he likes to torture puppies.

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