The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Good to go

Aside from some problems with the picture I'm working on right now (trying to do a black jacket that has a lot of smooth surfaces so that it has white highlights and I can sort that with some editing) this thing seems to be working.

So, here we go: Post me your script, descriptions, directions and whatnot for the first page of a story. For this I will need the following.

Descriptions of all characters involved.
Descriptions of the scene(s).
The layout of the page.

I'd have a distinct preference for something modern, urban, dark and sleazy - Sin City is the obvious touchstone for the style I'm working with here so thats not a bad starting point. Batman would work too as would Millennium, X Files and the like, ultimately though I'd most prefer something that'd fit into Unholy Wars so no magic, monsters, cybernetics or bio engeering. (those things may or may not exist, but they're well at the back and in no one's face). Once I have something to work with I'll get back with a finished render in a week or two.

Of course if no one posts any ideas I guess I'll just have to cry myself to sleep or something, so no pressure.

EDIT: Almost forgot, did this this evening. It looked better with a white background but for some reason I only saved the black one.
EDIT #2: Contains mild nudity, just FYI


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