The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

After some protracted faffing about I have finally signed and delivered my contract to my new employers - so I officially have somewhere to go on monday barring some kind of strange disaster. It occurs to me that at leasr for the honeymoon period of this job I may need some new icons so that might be something to do to avoid the real chores I had lined up for tomorrow.

I'm reading the Jeremiah RPG at the moment, I've never seen the show and indeed I'd never even heard of it until the RPG came out but I have a long standing love for post apocalyptic settings (the more biblical and wrath of Goddy the better) so it seemed natural that I should want to read it regardless. Other than that its the Werewolf core book and the "Vampire: the Requiem - Bloodlines: The hidden" (white wolf have lost none of their fetish for the ':' ). I'm playing World of Warcraft, one of the rabbits has gone insane, daytime TV hasn't improved any since I last saw it. I'm leaving no thread of life's rich tapestry unplucked.

God, I hope I can still managed disaffected, because disenfranchised is utterly beyond me these days. I briefly stumbled into the upper middle class last week when I took metalrabbit to Ernie's resteraunt for a meal. I wore a *suit*.. without being told to or anything. I won't go into graphic details about the cost of the meal but ... no.. I will - it was two hundred euro(or just over $250) - and more than worth it judging from the ferocity of the party that went on in my mouth (a very select party with very few guests). Not something I'll be doing again in a hurry but something everyone should do at least once - their chefs are not mere cooks, no, these guys are food artists. Tastebuds that were long thought dead from a decade of smoking fired into life and sang like a heavenly choir. Tins of baked beans everywhere wept silently, knowing that they would never be appreciated in the same light again. Definitely a far far cry from my usual "two ingredients from the cupboard selected for their lack of necessary preparation anyway.

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