The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Poser 6 - a revolution in blah blah blah

Its a seven hundred meg download - it had better give me some fucking awesome results [1]. The previews look great and the new features should let me do a lot of special effects without having to involve photoshop in the equation (photorealism, subsurface scattering [2], proper shadows and so on.) Its particularly good timing too, now that so many 3d model merchants are moving away from clothing of the "bottlecap and floss" style and onto more realistic (or at least more functional) clothing. Chances are though that there are hidden expenses, like the new cooler fans I'm almost certainly going to need to keep the computer below 60 degrees while this thing is running.

[1] It says a lot about me and possibly the consumer society that I'll think nothing of dropping sixty euro on this thing (130 normally but I had vouchers) but get pissy about a three and a half hour wait for the thing.
[2] Skin is not opaque, the uppermost layer is somewhat transparent and a lot of textures and rendering programs don't take account of this. The end result is that quite often it ends up looking quite plastic-ey. Subsurface scattering simulates these upper layers and allows light to pass through them a little bit so if you lit a human head from behind it would be almost entirely in shadow normally but with this effect you can see the glow of the light through the ears and the sides/top of the head, around the edges sort of.

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