The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

the wide world of wombats

Today I got my contract for the new job, its fairly standard stuff and on careful examination the overall package seems similar enough to what I get in this job except I seem to be able to be sick for a greater length of time on full pay before I get fired and I get two days more holidays per year than I do here. On top of that, we just finished the audit here so no matter what else happens I'll get the real value of my shares (no doubt it'll turn out to be lower than the original quote but you live in hope) and its beginning to look like I might get called back in here once or twice during my time off for a few hours at what we in the biz call "awesome contract rates". This is just as well really since payday in the new job is on the 25th of each month which sort of messes with my finances a bit.

Other stuff: There are some updates at dark-sheep including the original versions (or close to it) of the pictures used in the recent issue of White Elephant. metalrabbit returns from Cork this evening which means I have about three hours to make the flat look like I did something more than play World of Warcraft, eat for ten minutes, return to Wow, rinse, wash, repeat.

Speaking of WoW, last night I was in one of the worst groups I've ever encountered - I knew one of the guys in it and bless him, he tried his best to keep some pretty horrible monsters from kicking our heads in but he was ever so slightly too low a level to deal with it and the other two blokes in the team had this strange mental process that seemed to go along the lines of "Ah, I see that the two sensible members of the team are busily dealing with the monsters I attracted by wandering around like a spaz. Now would be a good time to go gather the treasure from the fallen enemies, go hunting for rare herbs, make an attractive hat and have a nice sit-down" They also seemed strangely unresponsive to my screams of "Stop running away you moron! I can't £$%(@##£ heal you if you keep running away". No kidding - if a monster even looked at them crossways they'd flee to the far end of the level (even though they knew the monsters would follow indefinitely and continue kicking the spleen out of them) rather than stand, fight and take some blasts of healing when I saw them getting low. I swear, in many senses the fact that you can pass through other people is a blessing in crowded areas but I was feverently wishing for a "push off the cliff" button last night. However this is all balanced by the fact that I can now turn into a cheetah and I got elected "teh supream RULAR!" in the guild I'm in. Oddly enough with everything thats happened recently THIS is the thing that makes me feel like I'm out of my depth.

Poser 6 is out today with supposedly improved rendering engines and the ability to do more with the cartoon/anime shading and colouring techniques. Version 5 was a bit of a disappointment to me and I'm still finding out new ways to use it and melt the CPU so hopefully this one will be a bit more intuitive.
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