The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Myself and metalrabbitdon't tend to agree on musical tastes much but one thing we do agree on is what concerts we're going to [1]. So after the joy that was "standing in a group of more-lesbian-than-thou [2] poseurs for two hours" at the Ani diFranco gig, I'm now going to see Tori Amos with her. With my well documented patience for people who discuss the meaning in lyrics [3] this should be a good one [4].

The bigger story for today just broke though. We've got a bloke working here ten years this week and a card has been going around for about four days to get signatures and well wishes and so on. So naturally the receptionist dumps the sodding thing in the mailbox, without an envelope, twenty minutes before the presentation.

[1] If I know whats good for me anyway.
[2] Bitch please, no one is more lesbian than me.
[3] Just shut the fucking fuck up you fucker, your opinion is irrelevant to me and the world at large.
[4] I'm actually sort of looking forward to it though, I like her music quite a lot.

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