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Dark Sheep
This week's update is a bit on the light side due to a pretty hectic personal schedule. For those of you who care - I've been jobhunting recently and the latest spate of interviews has left me near incapable of communication for hours after them. It turns out that there's only so much talking that a guy can do before he dries up entirely. The upshot is that every time I've sat down to write anything I end up sitting there for twenty minutes making faces at the monitor.

So, sorry about this, I knew the resolution would be busted as soon as I made it but such is life and unfortunately nothing I've been working on is fit for presentation at the moment. Next week (or possibly earlier but I doubt it with things being how they are) I'll be posting some pictures and information about some of the less "real" groups that inhabit the Unholy Wars universe. These (with the usual caveats that these may not necessarially make the final cut or retain the name) are:

The Syndicate
Operation: Salvation

There are others but I've posted about them elsewhere and I don't want to repeat myself too much. The Syndicate is the only one I've mentioned before and I never went into too much detail about it so it bears expansion. FYI though, the original groups I've gone over in the past are:

Black Book
The Shop
The Syndicate
The Butterfly Consortium
The Secret Senate
The Establishment

Anyone who wants to stick their oar in and do some fiction if more than welcome to, you'll almost certainly do a better job than I can. Creative writing in that sense is not my forte. Even the few bits and pieces I've got in my notebooks aren't fit for human consumption.


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