The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Project "2005 will not be as shite as 2004" is still well on track. I got a new phone yesterday after my trusty old one finally got too troublesome to use any more. I suspect I made my purchase based on form over function but it hardly matters, the Motorola V300 is a perfectly good phone and seems to be behaving pretty well so far.
I'm still waiting for a response from that second interview on monday. They assured me that they'd get back to me this week but they said much the same thing after the first one and it was a tuesday before they finally called. I've got a phone interview with Microsoft next monday and I'm seriously contemplating working for them again now that five years with this place has worn off any notions I might have had about not letting buggy software be released.
I got to lie in this morning because we're working from 2-10 today. It's migration weekend again so I have a few hours to put in tomorrow as well - its a pain in the arse but at least its *actually* unavoidable instead of the usual "caused by moron behaviour" type of unavoidable.
My World of Warcraft character is becoming increasingly amazing, he can now survive a straight drop of about half a mile. This happens more often than you'd think but the capital city of his race (tauren, like minotaurs) is built on top of a mountain and involves a lot of rope bridges. With my casual attitude towards the autorun button and steering I spend a lot of time quaffing healing potions at the bottom of a chasm while hiding from the hundred or so wolves who saw my plummet.

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