The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The official Dark Sheep website is... well a load of shite at the moment but it's there, there's a forum and plenty more on the way. I'm hoping that eventually it will be a bit of a one stop shop for anything I do and given time I'd like to see it become a repository for quality irish gaming material, fiction and so on. A bit of a clearing house for anything written by folks I know.

metalrabbit refused to let me wallow in a bout of "holy shit, they lied about my shares!" inspired misery and came up to Dublin rather unexpectedly. So now I'm not quite so bummed out about the whole thing but not much less homicidal about it. Thank christ I wasn't relying on the 6-ish thousand euro I supposedly had. Anyway, as a result of that I'm happier, a little behind schedule on the work I was doing and in possession of a cactus we have named Norman. Norman is on top of my PC where he can hopefully stop causing me injuries like the ones he was causing every time someone picked him up - even the guy at the till got a taste of Norman's wrath.

PS if anyone wants to help me get through three pounds of spicy chicken wings that I bought in a fit of extravagence, let me know.

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