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I feel cliched about mondays

A weekend in brief.
Friday: was congratulated by the MD for finding a great software solution to a problem and saved the company 20 thousand euro a year for lord knows how long. Played Jedi Knight 2.

Saturday: Played Jedi Knight 2, finished Jedi Knight 2, realised that I'd only bought Jedi Knight 2 a week ago. Felt mildly miffed and tried fighting some bots in a multiplayer session. Enjoyed multiplayer. Resolved to play against Greg once he arrived back up. Chatted to iresprite, promised to send him CDs *again* - one day I'll make good on the promise. Went to Gothwalk's birthday bash and enjoyed myself muchly despite being generally knackered. Ate too much food, drank some beer and left slightly early because MetalRabbit had work the next morning and I wasn't going to he let her go home alone if I could avoid it since town was a little dodgy after some all ireland final matches for some game or other. Had a great time though.

Sunday: Played more Jedi Knight 2, tidied the house, fed my parents. Got bored. Looked forward to playing JK2 against Greg. Greg arrives back, played some heroclicks, copied and installed JK2 for the other computer, set everything up. JK2 multiplayer over a network crashes my computer repeatedly. Got a headache, went to bed. Swore.

Oh joy, work!

I tinkered a little with that setting idea I had. Basically I looked at how the ravenloft book dealt with changing the basic system to fit the setting so I reckon that's the way to go.

(excuse lousy spelling in the next bit)

The basic idea behind the setting is a sort of Castle Falkenstein type affair except that it's less like baron munchausen and more like "from hell" or any dickens novel you care to name (and a few nuggets ripped off from Anno Dracula). In place of queen victoria you've got queen Titania, Queen Victoria herself will rule a sort of twisted london below (ala Neverwhere - I'm not so much designing this setting as constructing it I think). Drawing from some stories of the time, this Queen Victoria will be more into the occult, looking for eternal life and so on (which she was reputed to be into) I'm considering having the setting almost entirely in london, perhaps the PCs can't leave or something, it might be because the city is isolated, Dark City style...

The classes would have to have their descriptions altered somewhat, I doubt there's a real need to change how they work. Rogues would fit the diplomatic and more traditional rogueish roles. Fighters could simply be the upper classes with knowledge of firearms, fencing and so on. Mages would be trained magicians, Sorcerors would be more for the gutter trash end of things. Clerics would be pretty much as stated in the core rules. Barbarians are common thugs. Rangers could be thieftakers of some sort, I'm not sure how they'd fit in, Paladins I'm not too sure about yet either though. Monks could stay as they are, there's no way I can see to change them that wouldn't make them "not monks". Druids would have to live in the sewers I would imagine. Some could live in the parks I guess but overall, they'd be smelly people.

The races need more thought I guess, I was thinking that the elves would be nobility, Half Orcs would be your working class types (dockers and so on). Dwarves would be the industrialists, halflings and gnomes would be indistrial workers. Something like that anyway. Like I said, needs more work.

Then there's the secret societies and private clubs (which the PCs would belong to) artifacts, spells and so on. Loads to do, more soon.


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