The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


So over the weekend my eye decided to go crazy and all infected again which means another round of doctors, antibiotics and no looking at a computer (I assume) for several days. Ideally this wouldn't happen in the run up to a pay review and before a massive deadline (I might not like my job, but I'd rather not screw over the folks I work with since I like most of them). Anyway, utterlymundane if I can't make it tomorrow I'll ring ahead and everything, I just can't help but feel I'd be better off as "that guy who didn't make it" than "that guy who turned up with his face exploding and something coming out of it". I'll make every effort but I value eyesight over jobs, obviously.

A rich green colour can be quite pleasing to the eye, but not when it comes FROM the eye. And there was fucking BLOOD coming out of it!! BLOOD! out of my fucking eye!!

Anyway, asides from that, very pleasant weekend at home with the folks and metalrabbit where we once again watched loads of X Files, slept in for hours and visited a big marketplace across the border where I bought a duvet. Then we went back to Cavan and I bought a frying pan. It was a weekend of reckless domesticity.
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