The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Signs and portents

I choose to take this as an omen.

16:00 I turn on the hot water for a shower, figuring on having a nice long one at around 18:30
18:40 Turn on water, get it just right
18:41 Get in shower
18:41 Water turns from "just right" to "scalding hot" and burns my feet. Mercifully I wasn't standing under it.
18:42 Climb down from the sides of the bath where I had jumped to in order to get my feet out of the boiling water. Turned hot water WAYYYY down
18:43 Continue showering, cursing slightly but enjoying it
18:44 Water turns icy cold. I curse some more and turn the cold tap off completly. Hot water tap is now producing only tepid water.
18:45 Tepid water from hot tap turns icy cold.
18:46 Get out of shower, curse some more, start drying off. Phone rings, I miss it. Go back to bathroom, phone rings again.

18:50 Make new years resolution, I will somehow get revenge on God OR discover which alternate dimension I slipped into this morning where the laws of thermodynamics are defined according to Fawlty Towers. If the latter proves successful I will call off vengance on God.

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