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it's friday, it's half past four, it's time for...

There used to be this great show on british TV called knightmare. The gist was, four kids entered as a team, one entered a warehouse or something wearing a helmet that obscured all vision except for right below the helmet. The other three kids watched their team mate on a video screen from the set (made up like a castle throne room) where the dungeon master , Tregard (sp?) sat around and made sarcastic comments. Their job was to guide the kid in the helmet through computer generated dungeon rooms appearing on their screen by yelling "sidestep left.... LEFT!!! NO, YOUR OTHER LEFT!!" and helping solve puzzles. There were monsters, there were chess puzzles, there were obstacles that could be passed using certain items, there were plots, there were villains who villained really cheesily. It spawned two computer games and I would imagine it was responsible for a lot of kids thinking D&D might be cool. It was the only real positive gamer show I've ever seen.

God I miss that show sometimes, though it would probably be like my reaquaintance with Transformers (holy god that cartoon was crap, the comics are still cool, but.. yeesh..) For that reason I avoid ever seeing the Thunder Cats, Gobots, Centurions, He-Man or She-Ra...*cough* I mean a more...hetrosexually sound cartoon series like.. my little pony..

Nearly time to go home. It's a slow day, I may post again before half five, I'm bored.

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