The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

More AO fun

We now have four members of our merry band with two more coming online tonight. Drcox, Shevon, Grimcat, Irnini and one of the guys from work is joining in and he got a friend into it last night. Copies of the client software plus patches can be made on request for those of you interested but not yet signed in. We'll soon have a guild thing set up so we can have a chat channel and I have a stockpile of goods for new players.

I've scouted dungeons and hunting spots, I have the parts for implants aplenty and I'm thinking of using my apartment as some kind of vault where everyone can drop off and pick up equipment as its needed (I have shotguns for example that are no good to me, but could be handy to others). Since we all know each other in real life, it's beginning to look like this could work out as one of those mutually beneficial things real soon (say once theres a stockpile of goods of use to those other than doctors in my account :))

I'm working towards being able to improve the skills of others and do stuff like processing their monster parts (vastly improves their value) and right now I can make a mean set of implants given time, parts and cash. I'm hoping to reactivate my high level engineer sometime real soon so I can use him to generate cash and weaponry/armor for us all too. I tinkered with him a little a while back and now he's a bit more than a cash drone, which is sort of cool.

So natural20 and puritybrown, you have no excuses, there are a team of people waiting to be hospitable towards you :)

I'm going to be on tonight from ish and probably before that, but not between 8 and 9 most likely. I might even be on as my engineer - spankywombat. So if there's no drcox in site, try that one.

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