November 19th, 2007


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It seems to me, that when your customer service rep has to say to a bloke on the phone "I can't get through to the disconnections department, they're too busy" you might possibly have a major problem with the way you do business.

See, last thursday I took a half day off work to wait for the engineer who was due to call sometime in the morning but needless to say, by 1pm there was no sign of him and I went back into work. It may be redundant to say that at 1:45 as I exited the lift into the office, he called me saying he was going to be a little late. As luck would have it, I hadn't much to do and was able to take the rest of the day off to go home again and let him in - after an appropriate amount of bollocking was given down the line to the appropriate parties.

As it turned out though, the whole affair was a bit pointless since he determined that the fault was external and he couldn't track it down. Customer service informed me that there'd be an engineer out to look at THAT problem today but (and you can sense a theme here) nothing came of it and when I called, they told me it'd be thursday before anyone came out to look at it.

The thing is, the problem could be anywhere and the landlord here is... well, not a chancer exactly but since the phone line that we could supposedly reconnect with ease is currently being used by the landlord himself (something I have to have a wee chat with him about since a new line is costing us 125 quid) it could easily be the case that he did something bloody stupid to an NTL line he was threading and splitting throughout the estate. Time will tell.

Anyway, the whole monday/thursday crap was the final straw so I tried to cancel. I've got a callback within 24 hours which will doubtlessly continue the previously mentioned theme of lies and trickery. I assume the next stage is the "how do you assholes have the nerve to charge me for something you never provided?"