November 10th, 2007


(no subject)

Tuesday: Get NTL broadband installed after being assured by several coworkers that it works fine for gaming and whatnot in the central dublin area.
Wednesday and Thursday: NTL broadband is working more or less fine
Friday: No broadband. Call the morons in tech support and get put through to sales three times. Arrange for a callback and get told it'd be tomorrow and they hang up. I call back and tell them that I'll happily wait on hold, which I do for fifteen minutes before getting through (which fucking BEGS the question about why they wanted to wait until tomorrow to call me back but anyway...) to the slack jawed toolbelt at the other end who diagnoses my problem as "the normal lights aren't flashing" and informs me that a technician will be out in a *week* to sort it out. I swear at him a bit and hang up before wandering over and poking the modem myself - making it work perfectly in the process. This lasts for about three hours before it dies again in the middle of a game of Halo.

So I find myself wondering, do these companies even bother training their tech people any more or is it just a matter of "mutter something and sent out a technician"? This bloke clearly didn't have a clue and barely managed to stumble past "have you turned it off and on again" so I'm assuming either the answer is "no" or "yes but the rep you spoke to was mentally subnormal". Someone is getting yelled at tomorrow.