February 27th, 2007


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As I slowly walked to work this morning, my kidneys aching, my muscles sore and generally feeling like crap with a flu (I'm figuring I stay in work long enough to get the energy to move) I found myself wondering if some new directive had come down from the alien mothership that clearly dictates women's fashion. It may have been pure coincidence but three women walked past me with eyeliner that extended the outer corner of their eyes out so far they appeared to be on the sides of their heads and I found myself wanting to stop them and say "Lady, you're aware makeup is meant to highlight and not for drawing on the face you wish you had?"

Then I read the paper and added Glenda Gilson to the list of things I didn't want to see again, if she wasn't there already, I think she was, but I have a cold, so shut up.

In other news Warren Ellis does a nice little report on the sex industry in SecondLife and echoes what I've been saying about that godless internet den of depravity for a while now. It skirts worksafeness but doesn't contain anything worse than vague british descriptions of illegal behaviour.